Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My Kind of Town, Chicago is……

This past weekend I went to visit Chicago. I stayed with Arshiya and we had a great time. Unfortunately Michelle had to be in Battle Creek during my stay, but we will catch up during the holidays I am sure. Arshiya indulged me and I got to do a couple things that I never got around to doing when I lived there: I finally went to the Sears Tower and took the architectural boat trip on the Chicago river, that was awesome. I certainly do miss that place. I saw a matinee of Wedding Crashers for $5 at the Davis theater in my old neighborhood. The late movies there are only $7. That sure beats the all day every day $11 price for a flick in NYC! And we went out to a bar for karaoke and the drinks were $5!!!! I never thought I’d say that living in Chicago is easy on the wallet, but my weekend was chock full of “cheap dates”. When we do decide to move back to Chicago, Christian and I will be Big Ballers, Shot Callers cause the cost of living is soooo much better there. Back to Karaoke….it was hilarious!!! It turned into gay karaoke cause all these guys rushed in about 5 minutes to start time. The host was, let’s just say…outrageous and he graced us all with pole dances in between songs. We also went tango dancing and learned the basic steps...really fun and we went bowling. Thanks to Dave we now know how to score a game instead of using our own made up system.


Blogger Mac said...

Anytime you can "spare" a moment to visit again, I'll "strike" at work and meet up with you and the "in-Frame-ous" Arsh. ;-)

Have a drink at The Algonquin for me!

9:57 PM  

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