Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Search Is On....

We have begun our search for a dog. It's gotta be short-haired, house broken, small to medium, not a puppy and preferably a fox terrier.
We spent all day going from shelter to shelter. It's sad cause most of the dogs are pit bulls that have been rescued. And I wouldn't want to adopt a rescued pit bull from a shelter...they probably have real issues.
First we went to the Humane Shelter. There, you have to look thru a database cause going thru and looking at the real thing causes stress to the dogs. So, I guess the animals at the pet stores need some Xanax, stat!! From there we headed over to the ASPCA. Yes, Michelle, THE ASPCA :) But I didn't see any cops around. And then we went to other various shelters and found more pit bulls. I'm thinking I may look thru the paper cause there is no way I'm financing a dog at a pet store...that's too much going on. Hopefully, this will happen before winter so I can get used to walking him/her in nice weather to ease into getting up at 6am to face the icy morning breeze.


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