Monday, May 08, 2006

My Latest Internet Addiction

First it was blogger…I couldn’t get enough of looking at other people’s blogs, even people I don’t know in real life. Then when I first started knitting, I spent a considerable amount of time searching for free patterns and looking at all the online knitting/crocheting magazines. Hours and hours I used up looking at And of course, looking at fellow knitter’s blogs to see all of their finished objects. You know, to get inspiration and learn little handy tricks like knitting with beads without having to pre-string the beads. And I can't forget about Craftster. I love, love, love Craftster! Then, I finally bent to the peer pressure of everyone in my office and got hooked on myspace. I update songs and pics a few times a week and was obsessed with getting as many ‘friends’ as possible, but I’m comfortable with the amount I have now. But now, it’s Flickr! Did you know that not only can you host pics there, but you can join online communities there too?! I cannot get enough! There are thousands…millions…of pics to scroll through. There are forum boards and you can post comments to one another. I wonder what will be my next obsession?
BTW, check out my Wolfen cam in the sidebar…done at Flickr, of course.


Blogger sj-the-infamous said...

There is just soo much on the world wide web, isn't there?

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