Friday, October 08, 2004

The Apprentice

I don't know if it's due to editing, but under Pamela's leadership the women were actually focused on the task. There didn't seem to be so much drama and in-fighting. So why she got fired, I don't know. And I'm so sick of that 'little munchkin'!! She reminds me of my friend's Pomeranian, Maxie. He's always yipping around trying to be the boss and that is exactly how Stacy acts. Please fire her, Mr. Trump! And just one question, do George & Carolyn ever disagree with The Donald? Maybe Trump needs to look for the qualities of conviction and standing up for what one believes in his next apprentice, instead of the kiss-asses that flank him at the table who take turns tonguing his balls and tossing his salad.


Blogger Arsh said...

I totally agree--I'm not sure why she got fired either. I really liked her and her leadership. But in general, what's up with the women this season? They haven't won once! And, they seem so catty. I also agree the little munchkin's gotta go! What's her name by the way?

p.s. I love the new background--so fun and happy--just like Jewell.

5:34 PM  
Blogger sj-the-infamous said...


congrats on el trabajo nuevo!

oh and and I am pretty much convinced this season of Apprentice sucks. he's playing to the ratings rather than going about choosing the best qualified to be his next lackey. besides, he set pamela up. yet i watch for pure amusement! LOLOL

ttyl chica ~ sj

6:16 PM  

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