Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Life of an Investment Banker

from the viewpoint of the significant other, that is. I haven't seen Christian the past week, even though we sleep in the same bed every night. He gets in after midnight when I'm sleeping and I leave the house a little after 8am, while he's still sleeping. We do talk after I get home from work when he calls me when he has decided to take a break from the madness. Why does he do it? I can't answer that. The question becomes HOW does he do it? How does one function on a few hours sleep while working 14 hour (minimum) days? If I work past 7, I get surly and my vision becomes blurry…my body is telling me that it's time to quit. I can't understand it! And weekends too. We really can't plan anything. We can't escape the long arm of the Bear cause we can be reached by cell, pager or blackberry. (Why does he have a pager AND a blackberry?) I know that he works very hard and I shouldn't really be complaining because he is the one physically putting in work, but it affects me too. I can't sleep in on the weekends because his phone and pager goes off by 7am on both days, I have to be quiet while he listens to taped conference calls that happened earlier in the day on his computer (but at least he's home), and I don't know when to make dinner cause he may or he may not be able to make it. I guess I have to think big picture and pray that this will have all been worth it in the end.


Blogger Arsh said...

Maybe the end will be a big old rock on a significant finger. And that'll be worth it, hopefully. ha, ha

2:48 PM  

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