Thursday, October 28, 2004

Old Age

So I know I'm getting older….When I went to Macy's the other day to buy boots I went to the Junior shoe dept. (I'm still not at the point yet where I can spend upwards of $300 on a pair of Stuart Weitzmans). The music was so loud that I couldn't think!! Come to find out there was a live DJ and he was playing old school jams like We Want EFX by Das EFX and Real Love by Mary J. Blige (those are considered old school now, aren't they?). Once I got acclimated to the noise, I was alright and sang along (because these are the songs of my youth), but initially I was just very annoyed. There was another time when I was browsing through Abercrombie with a friend and we had to shout to each other the whole time because the music was on full blast. I'm not so sure that I want my shopping experience to be the same as my clubbing experience. So I guess today is as good as any to start the official countdown…….18 more days until I’m 31. Only 9 more years until 40 and only 4 years left to bear children. (My new cut-off is 35 since my old cut-off of 30 has come and gone.) :) :)


Blogger Arsh said...

Damn, girl, if you're old then I'm reaching the top of the hill fast. I won't go into Abercrombie 'cos of the music and I always leave Express with a headache. The other night I had to call it a night at 1 a.m and didn't we once find ourselves calling it a night by midnight on SATURDAY? My new cut-off for children has been raised to 37. I'm on the 5-yr-plan now to find a man, marry him, have a short childless marriage and then have kids. So, yea, I know where you're comin' from and where you're headed.

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