Sunday, December 26, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Well, here's a tip: Never miss your flight 2 days before Christmas!
I have never, ever missed a flight in my life, and to wake up at 7am (there was some kind of mishap with the alarm) for an 8am flight was not a great way to start off the holidays. We kept rolling over and over and under and over on several stand by lists for United. I almost thought that we would have to exchange gifts right there in the LaGuardia terminal! I think the United rep that finally put us on our flight took pity on me with my sad, sad face-I was literally a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Even though we wasted a day of vacation, I'm very thankful that we made it. I was very doubtful that it would actually happen, for a couple reasons: 1)All the flights were OVERbooked. How do you overbook during the holidays? So people who had shown up for their flights on time were getting bumped to later flights. 2)The standby list does not go by who has shown up first. It goes by your mileage you have racked up and the fare for your ticket. So the people who missed their flights that were later than ours but were flying first class and/or had a zillion mileage plus points got to get on a flight before us. I understand the reasoning behind that but it's still unfair as hell! That's why I usually fly Southwest cause not only is it cheaper but there's a whole lot less bullshit involved. Once we got to Chicago, we had a good time and that's all that matters now. I hope you all had a holly, jolly!!


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