Monday, June 06, 2005

Put Me In Coach! I’m Ready to Play Today!

This is how I spend my Sundays: Christian belongs to a men’s baseball team that has a game every Sunday morning out in Great Neck, Long Island. Well, today was the very first game where the weather was awesome. So I had a good time watching them play. Christian’s not too bad. He’s homered and he always bats runs in. I still can’t sit through a game though, let alone a double header, so I go to the car to nap or make runs to the local CVS during some of the innings J And I just have to say that a man must have designed baseball uniforms cause only a man would think white is practical for a sport where you slide in the dirt. Come on now! I can hardly concentrate on the game cause I’m thinking, “Can he GET any dirtier?” and “How am I gonna get THAT stain out?”


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