Sunday, August 13, 2006

Visiting the Big Apple

My friend, Michelle, came out to visit last week. And we got a lot done! This was her second visit out here with me so I tried to find different things to do.

We had East-West tea at Takashimaya (a Japanese department store on 5th Ave).

We went to see the Graffiti exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and had brunch at a cute place on Smith St(Her last visit we never left Manhattan.)

We also had the famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity.

We went to Strawberry Fields in Central Park. (I gave her a beginner's knitting lesson there.)

I almost forgot! We went to see Avenue Q on Broadway. It's like Sesame Street for adults...very fun.

And of course we shopped till we dropped! I guess next year, we'll head out to Queens?


Blogger Arsh said...

Oh Serendipity...I liked that place. I'm jealous--I want to come out and visit again too. And go shopping-esp at Zara...

11:23 PM  

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