Sunday, November 07, 2004

ING NYC Marathon

The Great Amazing Race Posted by Hello

Today the New York Marathon course went by my apartment. By the time they got to that point, the runners were on mile 16. These people were absolutely amazing! Just about everyone went by waving and smiling. Some took pictures of the crowd, a few were talking on their cell phones (how you're able to talk after running 16 miles, I don't know), one guy dropped to the ground, did 5 push-ups and then got back up and continued running. But before the masses came, I saw the front pack run by, and these guys were bookin!!! Their pace was how I would pace myself for a 400 yard dash, it was unbelievable how fast they were going! I still think it's a little crazy to run 26 miles (especially when no one is chasing you), but it is absolutely amazing that these people can accomplish this.


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