Saturday, November 26, 2005

Cuba Libre anyone??

Well, we certainly had our share of those while vacationing in the DR. We had an awesome time. Our resort was in Bayahibe. Even though we stayed at an all inclusive, we did a lot of things outside of the resort. We went to the Marinarium in Punta Cana and snorkeled with manta rays and nurse sharks. We went on a booze cruise to Catalina Island, more snorkeling and lounging on the beautiful beach. We went to a baseball game in La Romana, home of the Toros. We rode an amphibious boat, The Gator, before going to Altos de Chavon. And we went to the Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo. On the way to Snto Dmngo, our cabbie took a detour to San Pedro, the hometown of Sammy Sosa. I can't forget to mention the Chocolate Friends. This was the group of young people that directed all the recreational activities at the Canoa Coral, where we stayed. Not only did they make sure that everyone was signed up for the volleyball tournament or knew about the aerobics classes on the beach, every night they put on a different dance performance like the history of the world or the folklore of the Taino Indians....and all performances were great! So, I know that I will become a part of the resort staff somewhere, anywhere when I move to the Caribbean.

The beach at Bayahibe Posted by Picasa

Christmas was everywhere Posted by Picasa

Sammy Sosa statue in the courtyard of the Plaza 30/30 Posted by Picasa

Now, that's hot! Posted by Picasa

Boozin & Cruisin towards Catalina Island Posted by Picasa

Sun dial in Santo Domingo Posted by Picasa

Faro a Colon, The tomb of Christopher Columbus...apparently Spain and Italy dispute this and they both say that they have his bones. Well, he can't be in 3 places at once....or can he? Posted by Picasa

Altos de Chavon Posted by Picasa

Some of the Chocolate Friends Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Another B-Day Surprise!

Thanks, Arsh, I got the gift today...this brings me 1 step closer to having the complete SATC collection. It's so exciting to get packages, isn't it?

Today's the BIG DAY!

I can't think of a better way to spend a birthday than relaxing on the beach....we are off to the Dominican Republic (thanks Christian-muchos besos) bright and early tomorrow. See you after Thanksgiving! Have a good one!

This is pretty accurate....

Your Birthdate: November 15
You take life as it is, and you find happiness in a variety of things.You tend to be close to family and friends. But it's hard to get into your inner circle.Making the little things wonderful is important to you, and you probably have an inviting home.You seek harmony with others, but occasionally you have a very stubborn streak.
Your strength: Your intense optimism
Your weakness: You shy away from exploring your talents
Your power color: Jade
Your power symbol: Flower
Your power month: June

Friday, November 11, 2005

A Little Bit of Theater...

Last night, Kymm and I went to see The Color Purple on Broadway. The show was good and so was the music, a combo of blues, jazz and gospel. The only disappointing thing was that they didn't sing God is Trying to Tell You Something at the end. So, I've done it the book, seen the movie and now the musical. Time to start all over and re-read the book, and so on.

Now showing at the Broadway Theater Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Una Semana Mas!

Just one more week until the big day! And I got a present early. It was a nice surprise to come home and see that Michelle sent her gift early to make sure I had it before we head out for vacation. Isn't she a sweetie?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Two More Weeks

You have been officially notified. 14 more days until my birthday.
The countdown has begun!!!
Here is my wishlist . Feel free to send anything at anytime.

More Celebrity Sightings

In addition to seeing Naima in the mall in Cincy, I also saw designing duo Heatherette on my plane from O'Hare to LaGuardia. ALSO, after work during my walk to the train last nite, I saw Tocarra from another season of America's Next Top Model. Some fans had stopped her outside of Express on 34th St. for her autograph. AND, about a month ago, I was on my way from the train and walked past Sigourney Weaver. She was on her cell phone standing in front of a small home goods shop on 59th St. That's all for now.