Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Ahh, the things of which we take advantage....

Like currency exchanges (I have not seen one since I moved here), dollar stores (there is one in Queens- a 20 min train ride away), Sally's beauty supply (haven't seen one of these either), sidewalks free of dog pee and poop (for the most part), or sidewalks that are big enough for 2 people that are holding umbrellas to get by each other, and believe it or not, Walgreens. Cause Duane Reade royally sucks. (Or maybe it's just the one at 34th and 5th that sucks so bad cause they never have anything I need.)

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

What I'm Reading

Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides

Friday, September 17, 2004


"Every woman should own a single strand pearl necklace and a second one of three to five strands. Like roses in a vase, an odd number is more elegant than an even one." - A Guide to Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux
This book is a recently reissued A-to-Z style bible from the 1960s. I think I might check it out.

I got a job!!!

I'm over's on to selling!! Finally, I got a job with LeSportsac as Sales Analyst. And the best part about it, is that I don't have to wear a suit!! Good thing I held off on buying new ones.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Search Is On....

We have begun our search for a dog. It's gotta be short-haired, house broken, small to medium, not a puppy and preferably a fox terrier.
We spent all day going from shelter to shelter. It's sad cause most of the dogs are pit bulls that have been rescued. And I wouldn't want to adopt a rescued pit bull from a shelter...they probably have real issues.
First we went to the Humane Shelter. There, you have to look thru a database cause going thru and looking at the real thing causes stress to the dogs. So, I guess the animals at the pet stores need some Xanax, stat!! From there we headed over to the ASPCA. Yes, Michelle, THE ASPCA :) But I didn't see any cops around. And then we went to other various shelters and found more pit bulls. I'm thinking I may look thru the paper cause there is no way I'm financing a dog at a pet store...that's too much going on. Hopefully, this will happen before winter so I can get used to walking him/her in nice weather to ease into getting up at 6am to face the icy morning breeze.

Friday, September 10, 2004

The Career Fair

Yesterday I attended a Retail Career Fair and it was crazy. I walked up to the bldg and there was a line down the would have thought that they were holding auditions for American Idol. I waited in line for 45 mins. to wait in line for the elevator for 15 mins. to wait in line to talk to company reps for what seemed like hours! After waiting in line to talk to the rep from Club Monaco, the lady tells us that she has to step away for about an hour and that we shouldn't waste time waiting in her line. Why they had only 1 rep there to start with is beyond me and then that person left?! What the frig! So 3 hours later, I had only talked to about 3 people and only 2 of those people even had positions that were of interest to me in NYC.
But, on the way home as I walked past Bryant Park where they are set up for fashion week activities (I'm still trying to figure out a way to crash fashion week and I think it has something with wearing head to toe black), I saw an actress that plays on General Hospital taking a picture with a fan; star sighting nbr 2.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The Job Search

So, it's been about a month and I am still looking for a job. I have come to the conclusion that working at Walgreens was the most damaging thing I could have done to my career. First of all, people in New York don't understand how big of a company that Walgreens is. There are hardly any on the east coast. So I may as well have worked at some unheard of mom and pop store for all that matters. And since I haven't worked in apparel for almost 2 years, people think that I won't be able to manage the switch out of hardlines. It really isn't rocket science people! They all need to get over themselves and pull their heads out of their arses cause it just isn't that serious. It's getting to be very frustrating.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

What I'm Reading

Memoirs of a Geisha, Arthur Golden